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Like… Can We Get A Like?

Message From Gary Briggs, LUFC Owner

“Here comes the sun.” The opportunity is coming to show off the hard work that you have done over many months. Remember, even though the sun is out you need to continue and strive to achieve your goals in the gym. Schedule your time to stay fit and in shape.

I am proud […]

Why Julie Doesn’t Wear Headphones:

Champion Behavior

Julie doesn’t wear headphones when she goes to the gym. She wants to be present and available to other members, to the family that she has come to love. “I am happy here,” she explained. “It took me a long time to find a place that I actually feel like I belong […]

Message from Gary Briggs, LUFC Owner

      Wow! I want to give a big “Thank You!” to our awesome LUFC staff! As we enter our third year, our staff has helped so many members improve their physical health. I am proud of my staff and their ability to help and transform others.   I’m very excited to see […]