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Trainer: David Olszyk

Dave Olszyk got his start in the fitness industry as a U.S. Army master fitness trainer.

After retiring from the military, he transitioned into the private sector and for the past 10 years has been a personal trainer at various local health clubs.

Dave possesses vast experience in helping clients rehabilitate from injuries, as well as training to correct the muscle imbalances that often lead to injury.

Are you a Senior exerciser concerned about issues with balance? Dave will design a program to meet your unique needs and desires.

Are you an athlete feeling the aches and pains of constantly turning and hitting from only one direction all the time? He’ll help you balance it out.

Of greatest importance to Dave is using the health club to prepare for big events in the great outdoors. He says,

Whether your goal is to run a Marathon, pedal a century or climb Mt. Rainier, my goal as your trainer is to prepare you both physically and mentally for whatever challenge nature presents. I want you to work hard in the gym so you’re able to to have fun outdoors.

–American Council on Exercise CPT
–Mad Dog Athletics Spinning Instructor
–Schwinn Reaction Cycling Instructor

–Road Cycling
–Mountain Hiking