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Trainer: Cliff Haskins

Cliff Haskins’ not only trains. He leads Spin Classes, as well as Core Construction workouts. Cliff has been working out in Gyms since High School and prefers working for LUFC because it is owned and operated by a local owner. Cliff emphasized that this owner, “truly cares about the people that run the gym, as well as the members who keep the gym going.”

Cliff is one of our most popular personal trainers. He’s also LUFC’s manager of the group fitness program and personal trainers. Cliff’s relaxed and playful attitude makes even the toughest training sessions fun.

–20 years experience

–Cardio respiratory Training for Sports Performance

–Integrated Balance Training

–Integrated Core Training

–Integrated Reactive Training (For Power)

–Integrated resistance Training (Strength Training)

–Neuromuscular Stretching


–Corrective Exercise Specialist