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Body Transformation


Priscilla - Before

Priscilla – Before

LUFC Member Priscilla Before and After

“I have never known a day in my life that I haven’t been fat. Literally, my entire life has been shaped by this. In the fourth grade, I had to wear a maternity dress to my orchestra concert because all the dresses in the kids’ section were too small and the dresses in the juniors’ section weren’t age appropriate.

In high school, my doctor made me watch a video about heart disease meant for people in their 50s and 60s because that was where I was headed as a TEENAGER.

Priscilla - After

Priscilla – After

In college, I selected my dorm building based on the least likelihood of having to sleep in bunk beds. As a young professional working 80 hours a week, I ate about 3000-4000 calories per day to cope with the stress- drank beer like it was water, ate entire boxes of Cheez-Its as meals, entire day’s meals were often 100% fast food, liquid without caffeine was a waste of time. Why? Because how could I possibly be any less healthy than I already was, so what could be the harm of consuming all of this junk?

To go from being deeply committed to obesity to a person who’s at the gym working out hard at least five days a week is short of a miracle. The encouragement, acceptance, and enthusiasm that I receive from my GX Family– from Jim and his team of instructors and from the many women and men who come and give each class every ounce of themselves– is the sole reason why I have been able to find my way to health today.

The most remarkable part of this story, is that I am only one of COUNTLESS transformations happening in the back room. Take a look around at all the incredible women and men in that room– each one of us has a story like this that we can share. THANK YOU GX FAMILY! You all have not only changed my life, but you have very possibly saved it!” – Priscilla

LUFC Member Taylor Before and After:

Taylor - Before

Taylor – Before

“I started at 158lbs, dropped to 145lbs and now I’m back up to 152lbs. I’ve been trying to bulk up as much as possible so I’m constantly taking in carbs and protein.

Working in an Italian restaurant I usually make myself a submarine sandwich loaded with meat or just a big chicken Caesar Salad. Working out at LUFC inspires me to constantly eat all day.

Taylor - After

Taylor – After

I feel a lot more confident than I used to. Growing up I was always the ‘bone skinny’ kid. But now I’ve got some more weight on and I’m working towards a new goal for myself.

Honestly, everyone at LUFC is great help! Everyone gives you advice, makes you feel confident, and is always positive. Emily, Gary, and Lindsey are probably my favorites though. They’re always around to talk and help out. Coming to LUFC has definitely become a routine and it will definitely stay that way.” -TAYLOR