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Like… Can We Get A Like?

Summer All Stars is a program that rewards members who complete the most Group Fitness Classes. We will reward the top three individuals with free months on membership. We also will raffle out smaller prizes throughout the summer as well. When you attend a class please have the instructor date and initial your card. The cards will be located in the main Group Fitness Room starting Monday July 17th at 9:00am. This program ends on Labor Day and we will give everyone a few days turn in cards before announcing winners. Cards being entered into the contest can be given to an instructor for them to turn in. Get ready to get fit and make this summer as blast while you get in shape!!


Front page in the paper today! LUFC own Nat Jackson the Jump Rope King broke national record on Tv show! Congrats on the record.

Fun in the sun group fitness launch during the week of July 10th to 15th. Get your Hawaiian shirts on and flowers in your hair for this awesome 5 day event! Come in for free and try a new class with a buddy. All classes will be running as normal during this week but new material with prizes will take place during the following classes :) #fitness #lesmills #summerbody


Adjusted classes for memorial day weekend. Saturday 8:20am Bootcamp will be cover by Victoria doing a Bootcamp circuit and Monday 9am Zumba will be replaced by RPM with Paige! No excuses get your sunshine and get your workout on!

LUFC will be closed till 6am tomorrow due to power outages. Sorry for any inconvience.

Just a reminder enhancement fee come out Monday May 1st. Thank you again for supporting LUFC!

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