Friday, 19 of December of 2014


I graduate from Everest College in January 2013 in Massage Therapy and Spa Specialist with over 957 hours of training. I have had personal experience and success treating a wide range of injuries, such as neck strain, sciatica, lower back pain, whiplash. I’m currently employed at a Sports and Spinal Rehab Clinic in Puyallup.

I’m very passionate about the field of massage therapy and hope to continue to educate people about the benefits of massage and make massage an affordable and valuable part of my clients wellness plan.

Techniques: Wellness Massage, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Hot & Cold Stone, Aromatherapy, Back pain, Sports Injury, Car accident,

Insurance Coverage via:Workman’s Comp/L&I, Pip, Cigna, Aetna, Corvel, First Choice

Krys Hunt, LMP


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