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Message from Gary Briggs, LUFC Owner

  Happy Summer from all of us at LUFC! And THANK YOU for all the support TEAM LUFC received from members, friends, family and the community at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life on June 27-28. Our team walked 241 miles and contributed to the $312,000 raised in the fight against cancer! It was truly an honor to be part of such a great team for a great cause.

        I’m happy to see many high school athletes use our club this summer for their offseason training, and members using the gym to escape the heat by working out indoors. When the temperature is high, please remember to hydrate and listen to your body and its limits in the heat.

        We strive here at LUFC to be the “ultimate” fitness center, and in our efforts to improve and move forward, we are looking at different options and services to offer our members: TRX Suspension Training, a dedicated spin studio, and an outdoor speed and agility training area. Please email me at with your feedback on these potential services, along with any other suggestions for improvement!

        Thank you again for continuing to share the gift of health with your friends, family and community by recommending Lacey Ultimate Fitness Center!

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