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LUFC Raises Money For American Cancer Society

10500270_900749636608276_9192074281206052063_nThank you so much to all our staff who stepped up and volunteered their time at our Fundraiser Community Sale: Lindsey Lambert Carney, Margaret Lockhart, Alan Moniz, Patricia Rojas Santos, Ariyanna Fernandez, Lucia Santos, Stefanie Howell, Cynthia Lockhart, Gary Briggs, Meike S. Hunter, and Christina Pizana.

There was definitely a lot of hard work put into this event alone and would not have been able to have done it without you. Thank you to all those who donated items and supported this event to benefit the American Cancer Society. Your help is deeply appreciated. Please forgive me if I left anyone out…

All those who supported will be added to our display of hearts at the front counter.


Ivy Superales
General Manager
Lacey Ultimate Fitness Center

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