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Relay For Life: Thank You For Your Help!

Thank you so much to our LUFC STAFF and members that helped us out at the car wash Sunday, June 8 to raise funds for the Relay for Life! We couldn’t have done it without you guys…

Gary and I really appreciate the hard work you all put into this fundraising event!!

I want to acknowledge those who put in their time and effort in helping at the car wash whether it was holding up signs, scrubbing tires, drying vehicles etc. you all were a huge help in a huge way!!!:

– Gary Briggs
10374850_891337580882815_5151314444334035187_n– Stefanie Howell
– Katie Howell
– Alan Michael Moniz
– Margaret Lockhart
– Cynthia Lockhart
– Ariyanna Fernandez
– Haley Wayland
– Cliff Haskins
– Alex Mancillas
– Jim Fehlig
– Kristi Fehlig
– Brooklyn Peterson
– Dave Mcaferty
– Kristina Salazar
1797445_891337647549475_1770461438865552905_n– Trevor Irish
– Athena Nielipinski


CONGRATULATIONS to Janet Minielly! She won the 6-month membership for purchasing a ticket to our carwash fundraising event this past Sunday.

Thank you,
Ivy Superales
General Manager

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