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LUFC’s Group Fitness Manager Wins Award


Congratulations to LUFC’s Group Fitness Coordinator, Jim Fehlig!!!
He won the Les Mills Change the World Tribal Award!


Change the World Award: Inspirational, Constant Innovation, World Class Quality, and Continually Improving.
My husband does this because he loves Les Mills’s group fitness and helping people along their fitness journey. He has an extremely giving heart and never asks anything in return. Please consider this nomi-nation for as Jim gives selflessly of himself 24 hours a day. He gets so much joy out of helping others and our entire community has benefited because of it. He has truly changed the lives of 100’s of indi-viduals. I’m so proud of him!
P.S. I failed to mention that he has changed my life by encouraging me in my road back to fitness. I lost 76lbs and now teach 3 les mills programs. RPM, CXWORX and BodyFlow.
Thank you – Kristi Fehlig

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