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Like… Can We Get A Like?

Message from Gary Briggs, LUFC Owner

As our community here grows, one of our priorities is to upgrade and maintain our equipment to keep LUFC a state-of-the-art workout facility. Another priority is to continue to update our group fitness class program to meet the needs of our members.

Look for machines with added features in our cardio area. We now have four ellipticals and four Nautilus treadmills with built-in TV’s. You can enter our $20 raffle to try and win one of these awesome treadmills! We will also raffle off great prizes every other week, but even if you get your ticket pulled, your ticket will be put back in for the final treadmill raffle.

Also try out our new offering in June in group fitness – Les Mills BodyFlow. Your positive word-of-mouth about LUFC is the best ambassador and advertisement for our gym. Our staff, trainers and instructors all truly care about your goals of health and fitness. Thank you for spreading the good news to everyone!

Download our May-June 2012 Newsletter HERE!

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