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Like… Can We Get A Like?

Message from Gary Briggs, LUFC Owner

Have you set your goals for optimum health? Have you set a plan in place to accomplish your objectives? Are you focused on your fitness target? Are you able to maintain your achieved wellness standard?

These are all questions we need to ask ourselves as we strive for healthy living and making smart day-to-day choices. Here at LUFC, you’ll find knowledgable and supportive staff, valuable resources, and helpful programs to assist you in attaining your goals.

We invite you to check out our popular group fitness classes, try a session with one of our personal trainers, join our bootcamp program or surround yourself with friends and family by taking advantage of our “refer-a-friend” giftcard promotion.

Thank you for taking the first step by joining our community here at LUFC. Please use the many amenities we offer to help you reach your fitness goals even faster!

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