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Like… Can We Get A Like?

LUFC Still Waiting For Electricity (next update Sat. 7:30am)

Hey LUFC GX’ers!

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I must inform you that the RPM 53 and CXWORX launches for Saturday will have to be postponed to next Saturday….

The club is still without power as PSE is doing all they can to restore power to homes, hospitals and high priority customers (they obviously don’t come to my Bodypump class).

Though, I must admit, it is more important that folks have heat and power at home first. Anyway, bottom line, we won’t know until Saturday morning at 7:30am if the club will be open. And that is not enough time to get the club ready for launches.

There is an outside chance we can have Bodypump at 8:30, CXWORX at 9:20 and Bodycombat at 10:00. But RPM at 7:30 is a no go.

At this point consider all of tomorrows classes cancelled. If on the outside chance we can have classes, I’ll let you know!

I miss you all terribly!

See you all very soon!

Jim 🙂

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