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Like… Can We Get A Like?

Message From Gary Briggs, LUFC Owner

I’m very impressed with how our members are working to achieve and maintain fitness. The start of the year is an important time to focus and set new goals for ourselves.

What are your goals? To lose 10 pounds? To achieve six pack abs? To train for success in a competitive sport? Or simply to live a healthier life by making better personal choices?

In whatever way you choose to focus, we’re here to help you with your “Resolution Solutions.” LUFC offers excellent products with proven success. In our newsletter you can check a box and commit to your preferred solution!

This is an exciting time for our gym – THANK YOU for your welcoming spirit as new members join our community here at LUFC. And Happy 2012 from all of us here at Lacey Ultimate Fitness Center.

May the new year bring you happiness, health, peace and prosperity!

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