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Happy Holidays From LUFC’s Owner Gary Briggs

As we move into 2012, we here at LUFC continue to look forward to promoting health and fitness within ourselves, and to model positive choices for the ones we love.

Thank you to our valued members who make our club fitness strong, our business vibrant, our services popular, and encourage LUFC to help make a difference in the lives and needs of our diverse community.

I am very proud of our recent food drive – the amount of food LUFC collected and donated to the food bank was immense. It will provide many great meals this holiday season.

Thank you for recommending our gym to your friends and family, it’s rewarding to see new friends enjoying a good workout together.

We hope our $25 holiday membership, $25 giftcard for $20, and the $25 referral reward will make the season bright for you here at LUFC.

Happy Holidays!


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