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Inspiring Personal Trainer & Amputee: Cindy Asch Martin

It’s only been 4 months since Cindy Asch Martin lost her left leg to an infection. Yet she’s already riding a bike and doing weight training.
She’s even making headway on paying off her medical bills thanks to the generosity of LUFC members who have been buying her tickets in her raffle which ends today.

Buy a ticket at LUFC today!

Cindy’s determination to rapidly recover from such an extreme physical loss has been an inspiration to not just all of us at LUFC, but also to the amputee community.
Her YouTube video channel of her LUFC workouts have become incredibly popular. A video posted to Cindy’s You Tube channel a week ago already has 2,000 views. Wow! Congratulations Cindy!

And also thanks to all the online websites who, like Cindy, do so much to help amputees live a life that is complete.
At LUFC having a gym that’s adaptable to everyone’s needs is a high priority. If you know of anyone with special needs, please have them come in and talk to us.
If you know someone who may be inspired by what Cindy has done please tell them about he You Tube channel as well as her fundraising efforts.
Also here is a list of the top 8 online resources for amputees. If we forgot any, please post it as a comment below.

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