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Like… Can We Get A Like?

Oct. 1st LUFC’s First Annual Celebration and Benefit


LUFC’s First Annual Celebration and Beneft to help support the Thurston County Food Bank! We’ve got an entire semi-truck in the parking lot to fill!

FREE Tanning ALL DAY • FREE Protein Shake Samples ALL DAY

Starting September 12th, donate 12 non-perishable food items, get a rafel ticket and a chance to win valuable prizes, including a FREE YEAR membership.

Appearances by: Animal Pak’s Grant “Higa Monster” Higa  will be pulling a truck loaded with nearly 40,000 lbs. of food across the LUFC parking lot. Animal Pak’s Animal Barbell Club powerlifters will demonstrate their power Animal Pak’s Ben Seath will squat over 700 lbs. and attempt twenty reps at 500 lbs. and Animal Pak’s Zack McCarley will perform a log press LUFC Fitness Festival Starts at 8:30 am 20-minute Express Group Fitness Classes All Morning plus Pilates and Yoga! A big THANK YOU to our generous sponsors!

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