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Like… Can We Get A Like?

Les Mills Launch Week Starts With BodyStep Today, Monday 4:20PM

Bring a friend and get a prize!

BODYSTEP 83 tracklist

Warmup: Dynamite (Studio 88 feat. Juno Mars – DJ KTW Mix)
Step Warmup: Joyful Sound (Mariana Riley)
Step Orientation: I Like It (Tokyo Haze – Muller Mix)
Step Athletic: If I Had You (Kelly Duncan)
Mixed Strength: The Roof Is On Fire (Danger Crew feat. MC X)
Power Peak: Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (Mandy Brewer)
Step Recovery: My First Kiss (3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha)
Party Step: Take It Off (Rio G)
Speed Step: Big And Bad (Jimmy Swagger)
Peak: Commander (Spacegliderz – Club Mix 2)
Recovery/Leg Strength/Balance/Abs: Hungry Like The Wolf (Norwegian Sound)
Cooldown/Stretch: Choose You (Stan Walker)



Les Mills Launch Week at LUFC!!!

Monday is Les Mills BodyStep 83 Launch at 4:20pm

Tuesday is Les Mills RPM 50 Launch at 5:30pm

Wednesday is Les Mills BodyCombat 47 Launch at 5:30pm

Thursday is Les Mills BodyPump 77 Launch at 5:30pm

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