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Like… Can We Get A Like?

Make It Even Better Than Self-Improvement

Ever heard of Danielle Laporte? She’s a great motivator! She’s published books like Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. Her message is about being authentic.

In in an interview with Glen Stansberry she says:


“Your most valuable currency is what comes most naturally to you. This is a radical concept for so many of us.


We’re trained to fit in, to be well-rounded, to multi-task. We tend to push our way through. Fuhget it!”


Today Danielle posted on her blog White Hot Truth a message that may help give you perspective on your fitness regime:


Self improvement infers there’s something’s wrong with you, so you’re already starting off with a disadvantage.

Of course there’s something to improve — always will be, life is an evolutionary equation. But liberation is about consciously choosing your perspectives, moment to moment, so let’s choose viewpoints that are advantageous and give us warm fuzzy, encouraging feelings.

You may feel broken, screwed up, neurotic, defective, sub par — take a number. You may be afraid — so very natural. You maybe just be really really excited and you’re labeling it as anxious — easy mistake.

Rather than doing whatever it is that you do to ease, mitigate and transform those states of being as acts of “self improvement” and “getting fixed” or “making better”, what if you approached those rituals and remedies as ways of getting to your power? No fixing and no anxiety, rather, a trip to the Limitless Well of Knowing and Reliable Awareness.

You show up at your therapist’s office to access your power.
You go to church to access your power.
You put on your heels, or your power suit, or your lucky charm to access your power.
You call your friend for advice to access your power.
You pray, dance, let go, breath, unplug, run, bend, drink smoothies, go on retreat, clear the air, ask for help, get enough sleep, get up early, train, set goals, affirm, chant, rock out, climb, hike, sweat to…  access your power.

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