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Like… Can We Get A Like?

How’s Morale At The Office?

LUFC Business Rates Can Get Your Whole Office In Shape And Fired Up!

LUFC has generous discounted rates for businesses who value the physical health of their employees. We also have group fitness classes everyday too!

As explained below, group fitness is an ideal way to improve office teamwork. If you’d like to find out about rates tailored to the needs of your business call or stop by and talk to LUFC owner:

Gary Briggs –> 360-459-5400

“At BayCare Clinic we are finding a new zeal within the company. When combining health and fitness with work, the atmosphere becomes more fun. We have competitions that rev up the spirit of and interest in exercise.

People who normally would not have interacted within the company find themselves doing so through fitness classes and similar efforts. Employees interact more.

Yes, exercise actually is becoming a social medium. It becomes a topic of conversation and a source of pride. It becomes a reason to meet outside of work, or to take breaks together.

The rewards for winning a competition are enjoyed, and sometimes even paraded around other competitors in the spirit of humorous ribbing.” Green Bay Press Gazette

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