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Inspiring LUFC Member: Carlos Dextre

Last Fall LUFC took on its first sponsorship by way of Capital City Football Club. This club has been on a roll of late. At the end of last year they were accepted into United Soccer Leagues’ Super-20 League. The USL Super-20 provides the platform for top 17-20 year-olds in the United States and Canada to compete at an elite level. Women and men’s tryouts for this team began last week!

Behind all this newfound success is a great deal of hard work from President/Founder Carlos Dextre and Vice-President/Partner Edmond Lubin. These two regulary work out at LUFC and as part of our sponsorship we make it affordable for many of their teammates to work out here too.

Two weeks ago Carlos Dextre tried out for the Seattle Sounders and wrote about how well he did on his Facebook profile:

“So for my 4th time trying out for the Seattle Sounders, I made the cut of 180+ to 44 skilled Soccer players. I gave it my all, yet I still feel like I didn’t stand out enough. I had all the coaches watching, and playing under that pressure is indescribable. It was a great experience and I will never stop chasing my dream…”

Also of note is a website called which does a great job at tracking all the soccer news and history in South Sound, including news stories about Capital City Football Club. With Seattle Sounder’s Goalie Kasey Keller being born in Olympia, WA. it stands to reason that many people in this area are following in his footsteps.

As for Carlos, he’s also following in his father’s footsteps. Here’s a photo he posted of his father on Facebook with the comment:

“Whoa, I just found this picture of my dad when he used to play pro back in the day and I mean back in the day! lol”

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