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The Marines Workout

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Pre-Workout Cardio Session:
10 minute high intensity interval training on the treadmill or running in a grass field. Aim for getting up to 10.0mph on the treadmill which should be a full sprint. For more info how to do this check out my article on High Intensity Interval Training.

Workout Circuit: Do each of these exercises one after another and then rest for 60 seconds, then repeat two times!
10 reps Kettlebell Swings or alternatively you can use a dumbbell (view image)
10 reps Stability Ball Push-ups (view image)
8 reps Hack Squats (view image)
12 reps Ab twists with medicine ball (view image)
10 reps Lateral shoulder raises (view image)
8 reps Kettlebell or dumbbell squats (view image)
12 reps Bicep curls with dumbbells (view image)
10 reps Military presses (view image)
14 reps Dumbbell Lunges (view image)
14 reps Bosu Runners (view image)

Post-Workout Cardio Session:
7 minutes jumping rope – you can implement interval training here as well by having short 15 second bursts of jumping as quick as you can.


Conclusion: Marines Workout

This is a pretty intense workout so remember that pre and post workout nutrition is really critical to making sure that you don’t break down too much muscle and full rest days between these workouts is equally important to allow for recovery. You can implement this full body workout as frequently as 3 times in a week and for the weights just make sure that the weight is not too heavy to make you break your form before your last rep is complete.

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